I n d u s t r y  P a r t n e r s
Northern Clean Energy, supports their employees with education and on site skill development. Northern Clean Energy consists of 8 highly trained and diversified install/service technicians.
We are always looking for ways to expand our business into energy efficient HVAC solutions for residential and commercial applications.
Northern Clean Energy is accredited by the Canadian GeoExchange Coalition (CGC). All technicians are factory-trained on all types of earth loops and WaterFurnace products. We service all geothermal systems currently installed, also install any of the new WaterFurnace products for residential and commercial applications.

We offer our customers 24-hour emergency service and will provide you with service/maintenance programs for your peace of mind.
At Northern Clean Energy we install and also service 
  Radiant in-floor / snow melt heating systems
  Commercial kitchen exhaust systems
  Residential / commercial duct systems
  Conventional heating and cooling systems
  Fire / Flood HVAC restoration
Northern Clean Energy is an incorporated company owned and operated by Justin Hay (previous owner/operator of Northern Clean Energy Ltd.), and Rob Ronnenburg (previous owner/operator of Abacus HVAC Services Ltd.)

After 7 seven years of running and operating their own successful companies, Rob and Justin joined forces to create a new company "Northern Clean Energy" in September of 2012.

Rob with over 30 years experience and Justin with over 15 years experience specializing in all facets of Residential and Commercial Heating, Ventilation, Geothermal, Hydronics, Air quality control and Cooling systems. Their outstanding performance with high level of professionalism has enabled them to become a stronger fast growing company in the surrounding area.